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just add 2 deep cycle marine batteries

Ready to Run

Ride on Trains - 1/8" scale - 7 1/2" gauge


  • Longer Version of the Switchero Plum Cove Boxcab replacement body.

  • 28” long plus couplers

  • 15 ½” wide

  • 15” wheelbase

  • 5” steel cast wheels

  • ¾” keyed axle

  • Industrial axle bearings greasable

  • Chain and sprocket drive  #41

  • Both axles powered

  • 2 Motors 350 watt, 18.7 amp 24 vdc

  • 50 amp Electronic motor controller

  • Regenerative braking

  • Radio Control – Hand controller

  • Chassis is powder coated Rustic Black

  • Body primed for paint.


$3,295 Ready to Run*


Click on an option below

Front and/or Backstair kits $75.00 ea.

Headlight w/switch installed $25.00 ea.

Railing set installed $225.00

Built-in battery charger  $200.00

Exhaust Muffler   $50

Hood side detail both sides  $300

Powder Coating   $150




*Requires 2 12v Deep Cycle Batteries (not furnished)


Delivery to many meets in the South Eastern US is available. Contact me for my schedule.



SuperRoo in Action

SuperRoo in Action

Watch Now
The SuperRoo is a perfect option for anyone new to 7 1/2" gauge railroading who wants to get involved but doesn't have the budget for a larger locomotive.

The SuperRoo is the perfect answer for the owner of big iron who wants something easy and simple to operate and doesn't want the hastle of a big locomotive all the time.

The SuperRoo is the perfect answer for the kids of all ages who want something fun and easy to operate.

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