just add 2 deep cycle marine batteries

Ready to Run

Ride on Trains - 1/8" scale - 7 1/2" gauge

The SuperRoo is a perfect option for anyone new to 7 1/2" gauge railroading who wants to get involved but doesn't have the budget for a larger locomotive.

The SuperRoo is the perfect answer for the owner of big iron who wants something easy and simple to operate and doesn't want the hastle of a big locomotive all the time.

The SuperRoo is the perfect answer for the kids of all ages who want something fun and easy to operate.


  • Longer Version of the Switchero Plum Cove Boxcab replacement body.

  • 28” long plus couplers

  • 15 ½” wide

  • 15” wheelbase

  • 5” steel cast wheels

  • ¾” keyed axle

  • Industrial axle bearings greasable

  • Chain and sprocket drive  #41

  • Both axles powered

  • 2 Motors 350 watt, 19.2 amp 24 vdc

  • 50 amp Electronic motor controller

  • Regenerative braking

  • Radio Control – Hand controller

  • Chassis is powder coated Rustic Black

  • Body primed for paint.


$3,295 Ready to Run*


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Front and/or Backstair kits $75.00 ea.

Headlight w/switch installed $25.00 ea.

Railing set installed $225.00

Built-in battery charger  $200.00

Exhaust Muffler   $50

Hood side detail both sides  $300

Powder Coating   $150




*Requires 2 12v Deep Cycle Batteries (not furnished)


Delivery to many meets in the South Eastern US is available. Contact me for my schedule.