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Plum Cove Generic Boxcab

It's all very simple

Do the Switcheroo

Box Cab replacement bodies.

Note:  Photo above is a fully "tricked-out" Switcheroo shown as an example of what can be done.

The Switcheroo is a 'direct' replacement body for the well known 7 1/2" Generic Box Cab.  It is shipped as a kit.  The body comes fully assembled but 12 holes that need to be drilled to complete assembly.  There are easy to follow instructions.  It’s primed but only to prevent rust and needs further prepping for paint.  Room for both batteries.  Rubber window trim is included.  Mostly 16 gauge steel.  Base and end pieces are 3/16” Steel. You may have either a side door or back door model. If you want something a little different, we can talk.  Do the Switcheroo.

The Switcheroo Kit:   $975.00  FOB Salisbury, NC

Front stair kits:          $75.00  FOB Salisbury, NC

Back stair kits           $75.00  FOB Salisbury, NC

Ships in 1 box 24x18x18  60 lbs.  70 lbs w/stairs


Delivery to many meets in the South Eastern US is available. Contact me for my schedule.

Do the Switcheroo.

Rear door

Side door

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